The republic disposes a large oil and raw potential as well as highly qualified specialists. The perfecting of used technologies provides ample opportunities for successful development of oil industry which is still a key link of Azerbaijan’ economy. To be held on foremost technological positions is possible only on the basis of scientific achievements, serious fundamental and applied researches in the field of working out new and perfecting already known processes.

At present “Alkan Ltd” is a large-capacity producer of competitive oil demulsifies, reagents for increasing oil transportation by pipeline, for cleaning of well bore zone and increasing oil debit of beds, creator of new technologies and owner of a lot of “know-how” which are going to be applied and used in industry.

STS “Alkan Ltd” as a result of its scientific achievements has created a number of new reagents which in conditions of a rigid competition with large worldwide companies are already successfully applied in oil industry at the extraction and refining of oil. They are applied not only in Azerbaijan but  also supplied to many oil extracting countries.

Safety of ecology, health and welfare of the populations of the regions where our reagents are used is a matter of outmost significance for us. Due to this  reason an  obligatory condition of our activity is the organization of scientific-research works by estimation of sanitary-toxicological properties of our products both as in production and as in oil field application.

There is an ecological policy determined and supported by our company. Observance of all the policy aspects is one of the main requirements for products and personnel. STS “Alkan Ltd” aspires:

  • to follow all the ecological norms determined by legislation;
  • to include the environment safety questions in all the stages of our activity;
  • to utilize and work over with the aim of minimizing of wastes quantity;
  • to take part in scientific-research works on environment safety problems;