Scientific-research works and creating of new technologies


Implementation into industry and production of chemicals


Marketing and products supply

   Welcome to STS “ALKAN LTD”

 The scientific-technological Society (STS) “Alkan Ltd” is an independent Azerbaijan company  founded in 1994. The employees of our company are a big group of scientists, large-scale organizers of industry and manufacture specialists. The activity of our company is concentrated in three directions: scientific-research works and creating of new technologies, implementation into industry and production of chemicals as well as marketing and products supply.

   Basing on this philosophy we have managed to develop and implement a number of reagents for oil-producing and oil-refining industries, create new types of high molecular science intensive substances for various technical purposes, organize joint ventures on production of polyols, flexible and rigid foam polyurethanes. All this gave us an opportunity to enter a rigid competition with the world-leading companies, achieve a wide application of our reagents not only in Azerbaijan but also to begin exporting our products to the largest oil-producing countries.

   Our reagents were tested by the famous rival companies in Germany and United Kingdom. We state with satisfaction that now our reagents are well known in the Middle Asia(Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan), North Sea(England, Norway) and Middle East(Iran, Iraq, UAE and Kuwait).